Our History

One of India’s Largest Sugar & Molasses Exporter and SCM Provider

NCircle Exim LLP is a leading company in trading commodities around the world exclusively handling soft commodities trading. We deliver to remote and widely popular locations alike if it is desirable there. We deal with an audience that is interested in the domestic and international products to and fro the local boundaries or the international countries.

The NCircle Exim LLP is part of the Group group that has over 50 years of expertise which sets us apart in what we deliver. Our group deals in manufacturing and trading of sugar and molasses. Our clients receive the best of the products shipped from the renowned global markets excelling in their trading criteria and service. We wish to enhance and incite the management and marketing of the products we deal in such that the high-quality productse can be transported to the cabinets in homes, baskets of buyers and also to various food processing industries. So that eventually, the food industry prospers and flourishes while we sustain the credibility of the industries involved in the services proceeding to the import and export of these refined products.

Our Values

We help locate the best source of our involved products and strictly pick out the finest products for the better wishes of our clients. We locate the sites and locations effectively working to produce the harvesting crops in a secure and safe environment bound to grow into the finest quality producte that is desired in the global market.

Who We Are

We deal in sugar and molasses supply and trade. The agricultural industry is what we generally deal with in our respective businesses with the clients. The main products, however, are sugar and molasses which are largely consumed in various basic and non-basic food products of the world. The group also has tank farms with a capacity of 150,000 KL suitable for storing liquid commodities on East and West Coasts of India and warehouses with over 20,000 sqm of space for storing commodities.

We store this fresh produce in our hygienic and safe warehouses such that the quality of the food is not compromised in further evaluation and distinction. The produce is inspected with care and security in our storage facilities, furthermore, the marking on their strengths and compatibility to withhold the pressure of travelling to other locations is made vitally significant to experiment before shipping. The shipping is held within the required limits and necessary precautions such that the essence of the produce is not harmed in any way.

Eventually, these products are distributed to the respective expectant sites by our determined group of workers with the utmost care. The dealings and the marketing of the products are managed with precautions and risks that will further enhance the methods of approach in trading.

The logistics obtained from all these methods are calculated analyzed before further experimentation of any kind, such that the results received can be put into work under the wishes of our clients. These logistics help find the better judgement for our imports and exports involved in the trading industry.