20 MW Co-Generation Power Plant at Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh


Since June 2007, NCSSL is proud to have been operating a “co-generation” power plant with a capacity of 20MW, adjacent to the sugar mill. Through a process of more efficient sugar cane processing in order to have the raw material bagasse to be used in the production of electricity, as well as the overall enhancement of power saving ability of the plant itself by an estimated 30-35%, NCSSL will pioneer the way in which industrial production of foodstuffs can be carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The outlay for this project was an estimated 82 crores, making it one of the most intensive internal projects we have implemented yet. Looking back at the results, we are proud to say that our vision for a better future is that much closer to realization

Currently, surplus power generated from the plant is being sold back to the Power Trading Corporation of India (PTC) through the Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APTRANSCO), giving ample evidence of the success of our “green energy” initiative on this front. Furthermore, reduction of the plant’s carbon emissions is an avenue to purchasing carbon credits, taking us further along the path of sustainable living.