Fulfilling a Vision

NCS Charitable Trust is the continued effort to carry on the goodwill that our Founder, the Late Sri. Narayanam Narasimha Murthy, by furthering the realisation of his vision and dream. By way of this trust, NCS Charitable Trusts hopes to carry on the stellar work and community involvement of the NCS Group as a whole, by focusing on those who need the right kind of uplifting, financial, educational or otherwise, to be able to transform their hurdles into challenges, and setting them on the path to ultimate success.

We invite you to explore and willingly participate in our humanitarian efforts to reach out to the people of India, in the hope of elevating every person to the stage of conscious self-sufficiency where they will be able to realize their full potential and carry on helping those less fortunate to rise up to this level.

Ramanarayanam Spiritual theme park at vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh