NCS Sugar Complex at Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh

About Us:

NCS Sugars Limited (NCSSL), formerly run under the auspices of the State Government of Andhra Pradesh under the name Nizam Sugars Ltd., is the flagship company of the NCS Group of Companies. Acquired by us in December of 2002, in less than five years it had more than doubled its production of cane in tonnes per day (TCD) from 2500 to 6000. Since this time, NCSSL has gone from strength to strength, cementing its position of leadership in the sugar industry in the state and the nation, overall.

 NCSSL has been recognized and felicitated on numerous occasions, receiving the “Best Cane Development Award” from the Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University & Commissionerate of Sugar, Government of Andhra Pradesh, as well as receiving 2nd place in the “Best Cane Development Award” presented by SISSTA in 2007. Most notably, we are proud to be the first sugar production facility that was associated with over 22,000 sugar farmers, covering more than half the District of Vizianagaram.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and have been producing the finest sugar and associated by-products that have helped us reduce our carbon footprint as a company. Our commitment to the quality of product that we provide, as well as to the well-being of the environments in which we operate is unmatched, as our “Co-Generation” facilities ensure maximum usage of sugar production wastes, namely bagasse. Reach out to us and find out how our commitment to the world around us extends beyond our finest quality sugars.


NCSSL enjoys several key benefits when it comes to the production of its primary product – sugar. From the physical and logistical advantages of being located in the heart of the sugar cane producing region in Vizianagaram District, to the geographical advantages of having 4 major rivers irrigating the zonal region, we have been blessed to have been able to bounce back and maintain our TDC at competitive levels. 

The sugar cane farmers of this region are experts in their field, having cultivated this crop with exacting specificity so as to be intimately knowledgeable of it needs and key moments in its crop life cycle. As such, they produce some of the finest sugar cane in the entire state, and NCSSL is proud to be associated with more than 22,000 of them.

NCS & The Community:

From the very beginning, NCSSL has concerned itself with the development of the community that forms the backbone of the Sugar Industry – The Farmer. Working with them from seed provision stage right until harvesting of the sugarcane crop, we offer the more than 22,000 farmers who we work with the benefits of our expertise, helping them achieve greater yields in a manner that greatly considers the impact of this agriculture on the local ecology. By doing so, we ensure that they will be able to continue to grow crops and maintain their livelihoods, while continuing to be an integral part of the productive output of the nation.

Right from seed to harvest, NCSSL assists farmers in getting quality seeds that are not genetically modified and display a natural hardiness to conditions, so as to provide more assurance of yield. Additionally, we also provide the necessary fertilizers and other products that they can use to protect and encourage their sugarcane to produce higher quality sap that will be transformed into the finest sugar products in the market. With our efforts firmly entrenched in the 820 villages, spread over 17 mandals in the state of Andhra Pradesh, we carry on realizing the vision of harmonious co-existence that was provided to us by our Founder. 

NCSSL, treading along with the change of times & technology have already initiated the “ZBNF ” ( zero budget natural farming) revolutionised by the great agronomist padmashree dr. Subhash Palekar , whose main intentions are to reduce the usage of the commercial fertiliser and put into use the “Organic fertiliser” prepared with cow dung and other agri wastes. This organic fertilizer while increasing the fertility of the soil, is found to improve / increase the yield of the crop to great extents. NCSSL have invited dr. Subhash Palekar to Bobbili and conducted a two day extensive program for the benefit of the agri farmers residing in the district of Vizianagaram and also surrounding districts in which dr. Palekar exhorted the importance of organic fertiliser which reduces the input costs and increases the output produce, thereby increased revenue to the farmers.

NCS & The Environment:


Since June 2007, NCSSL is proud to have been operating a “co-generation” power plant with a capacity of 20MW, adjacent to the sugar mill. Through a process of more efficient sugar cane processing in order to have the raw material bagasse to be used in the production of electricity, as well as the overall enhancement of power saving ability of the plant itself by an estimated 30-35%, NCSSL will pioneer the way in which industrial production of foodstuffs can be carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner.

 The outlay for this project was an estimated 82 crores, making it one of the most intensive internal projects we have implemented yet. Looking back at the results, we are proud to say that our vision for a better future is that much closer to realization

 Currently, surplus power generated from the plant is being sold back to the Power Trading Corporation of India (PTC) through the Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APTRANSCO), giving ample evidence of the success of our “green energy” initiative on this front. Furthermore, reduction of the plant’s carbon emissions is an avenue to purchasing carbon credits, taking us further along the path of sustainable living.


 Ethanol is gaining grounds as an alternative fuel source in the industrial and automotive sectors, and NCSSL is right in step with this development. Having productive capacity to produce ethanol in a sustainable manner, we look to address the fuel crises that this country may face in the future, by readying ourselves with the ability to provide a suitable alternative to the fuel oil energy products that we currently use to power our everyday lives. Currently, ethanol is used in mixture with existing fuels like petroleum and kerosene, but there are many developments on the technological front that are pushing for pure ethanol variants.

At NCSSL, we believe that growing future energy needs will be readily met by ethanol fuel variants, allowing us to continue developing our societies into the places of tomorrow. As part of this effort, particularly in the case of India, the need for cost-effective, readily available and produced